The hardest thing to wear is our own skin
Welcome! My name is Natalie, im from Norway and I'm 17 years old. This blog may be triggering. I do not promote selfharm.
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Bye norway, im going to Thailand.

I will not tumblr so often now, its a long journey. Stay safe, lovelies. Bye.

Anonymous asked: Slit my throat tonight felt fucking amazing, didn't die tho didn't cut deep enough but my god ugh it felt good, hahaha


.. Can you please get help?

Anonymous asked: So I'm a girl and I'm a virgin and this really hott guy from my school says he likes me and he said he wanted to have sex with me but he's a giant whore and keeps saying he's just 'Looking for the one' and I want to but I dont and I'm nervous and just, what should I do?


You should wait.. Dont have sex before youre ready hun.

Anonymous asked: whats your opinion on self diagnosis of mental disorders


Uhm.. I dont have anything to say about that.. But its best if you go to your doctor.

Anonymous asked: What was losing your virginity like, with some details;)


It was okay.. I lost it with my boyfriend(now ex) , we both agreed, and I dont regret it.

Anonymous asked: My friend has dealt with more death/friends who've committed suicide in her life than I could ever imagine. She just came back from a funeral...what do I say to her?


Just be there for her, give her time.

Anonymous asked: Your blog is el perfect


Thanks :*

Anonymous asked: are you a virgin



Anonymous asked: so.. can i ask you for advise? .. sry to bother you



Anonymous asked: my mom calls me satan :/


I now how it feels and its not okay! :c

Anonymous asked: If I don't cut myself on a regular basis I can't function properly. I'm drowning in self hatred. But it's okay, because I smile when I need to.


Please get help!

Anonymous asked: You're really pretty, like, I'm jealous :3



Anonymous asked: I'm getting worse and worse but I don't know what to do.


Dont give up :/


Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it

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