The hardest thing to wear is our own skin
Welcome! My name is Natalie, im from Norway and I'm 17 years old. This blog may be triggering. I do not promote selfharm.
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Anonymous asked: Hey, i just figured i'd say this before my anxiety hits but you have a great blog..i relate to it alot.


Thank you.

Anonymous asked: I have this self harming problem because my mom emotionally abused me n stuff and when she found out she yelled at me and took away everything i had and wouldnt let me take a shower in peace... i dont like her but im stuck with her sadly enough


Talk to her about it.. She’s just trying to help you but shes doing it wrong. Explain it to her, get proffesional help and make her support you. Its hard for her so give her some time to get over the shock.

immortaluntilprovenwrong asked: Not going to lie, I think I'm quite in love with yo' face.


Oh really? Thats cute c:

Anonymous asked: I love your blog! it makes me feel like im not alone but it also makes me want to cut deeper


UhmZz what to say.. Im sorry about that.

jedipsyche asked: you look alot like young britney spears. gorgeous


Thankyou :3

Anonymous asked: How did you like ask-tell your mom/dad about you self harming.?


I didnt tell.

I really want you to really want me But I really don’t know if you can do that. I really want you.


I really want you.


All I ever get is the most amazing friends who after a while ignore me, push me away, leave without an explination, leave without a goodbye.


Don’t use a girl to fuck. Treat her right, be hers.

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liking someone’s selfie takes two seconds and it boosts their self esteem by 203948204

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Anonymous asked: Just wondering but what is your sexulity?



Anonymous asked: Have you ever done, like, 'it' with a girl? aka sex..



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